The strongest 10 Exercises to Build Chest Muscle Growth


Don’t completely leave out the bench press, but instead incorporate these moves to not only give your workout new character, but it also means you are not waiting around. By performing these exercises you are also not putting to much pressure directly on your delts but can use surrounding muscles to help and gain mass.
These exercises will provide you with the training variety which will help you stimulate the chest muscles from several different angles. As soon as you add these exercises into your training plan, we guarantee you will start getting a fuller and thicker chest in a very short time.

1. Svend press

The Svend press is a unique exercise because it’s done with a plate, not a barbell.
How to:

◕ The way you do it is by standing, holding a 45-pound plate at chest level and pressing the weight in front of you using both hands, while you focus on squeezing your pecs.

◕ Return the plate slowly back to the chest.

◕ That’s one rep.

◕ This type of press will help you to better separate the inner part of the chest muscles.



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