4 Best Exercises To Build Massive Forearms


3. Cable supination/pronation

⚫ Attach a rope handle to the pulley and make it thread through the hole as described in the exercise above.

⚫ Grasp an end of it with your left hand, take a step back and sit on a bench.

⚫ Maintaining a 90 degree bend in your elbow, rotate the wrist inward until your palm faces down. ⚫ After completing all sets and reps with both hands, grasp the rope with your left hand again and perform the opposite motion by rotating the wrist outward until your palm faces up.

⚫ 2 sets x 15-20 reps on each side, 0 second rest

4. Wrist flexion/extension stretch

⚫ Slightly bend your left elbow and clasp your right hand over the fingers on your left hand, then extend your left hand and gently bend the wrist back.

⚫ Hold the stretch for 60 seconds, then perform the opposite movement to stretch the opposing muscles, bend your wrist and fingers in the opposite direction so that your palm comes closer to the forearm.

⚫ 1 set x 60-second hold on each side, 0 second rest

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