4 Best Exercises To Build Massive Forearms


Workout 4:

1. Towel pull-up

⚫ Attach a towel to a pull-up bar, grab each end of it.

⚫ As you hang from the towel, pull yourself up until your chin is raised above your hands.

⚫ If this proves to be too hard, hang from the towel for as long as you can instead.

⚫ 3 sets x As many reps as possible, 90 second rest

2. Cable thumb curl/pinkie curl

⚫ Attach a rope handle to the pulley then grasp an end of it with your left hand and pull it to thread through the hole, so that you end up having one long rope.

⚫ Take a step back so that your arm becomes fully extended then flex your wrist to bend the thumb back toward your forearm.

⚫ After you complete all sets and reps with both hands, grasp the rope with your left hand again and perform the opposite motion by curling your pinkie toward the underside of your forearm.

⚫ Repeat with the other hand.

⚫ 2 sets x 15-20 reps on each side, 0 second rest


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