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10 Top cats with big ears


Cats are loved for their delicate look, light body, and tiny nose that is worthy of the boop. They look more adorable than when these delicate and simple appearances are juxtaposed against an enormous pair of ears!

This list has been compiled to showcase the top cats with big ears. Some of them are in close competition with satellite dishes. If you’re a lover of kittens who are more bat-like, continue reading!

1. Abyssinian

It is believed that the Abyssinian is a big and lively cat breed with large ears. Because of their big forward-tilted ears are active and striking with their slim body and sharp coats.

Incredibly, the Abyssinian name, despite his name and extravagant appearance, was created by the United Kingdom by Lord Robert Napier. He brought an animal on an expedition for military purposes from Abyssinia and fostered his cat in a normal household within the United Kingdom.

They are generally very social cat breeds keen to have fun with their owners. This is why they are great when seeking a cat with ears!

2. Chausie

The cats appear a little wild, and there are plenty of reasons for this. The idea was born out of a desire to create a “wild” appearance for a pet; the breeders crossed a wild cat and a cat from the domestic to make the Chausie.

Concerning the source of these cats, they’re very large and have very large, upright ears. But, they are so gentle by nature and are extremely affectionate towards their human owners.

This breed of cat with big ears is full of the desire to explore and is a great choice for walks with a harness.

3. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a cat that stands out with its graceful body, big eyes, and long ear.

Beware of their appearance; they’re incredibly active cats! Certain Cornish Rex breeds are active and extremely fun, you could even teach them tricks, and they’ll be thrilled to play catch-up games.

Their unusual wavy coat, which appears very soft and comes in Cornwall from the late 50s, results from a naturally occurring change.

4. Devon Rex

A Devon Rex is known for his beautiful pixie-like look, with large eyes and big, curving ears that look larger thanks to their smaller heads! To increase their annoyance, they sport a very charming personality and are a joy to their owners. So you’ll never be bored by one of these adorable kittens.

Like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex has curly hair (the curl is slightly less loose than the Devon Rex), which is caused by a recessive gene.

The gene, however, is different. And if you mix it and you have an adorable female kitten that has straight hair!

5. Siamese

The Siamese is a magnificent cat with large ears, well-known for its unique coloring and gorgeous blue eyes.

Another distinctive feature is his impressively large ears and pointed ones, darker in color (a type of coloring known as “pointed”).

The origins of the Siamese origins, which are located in Thailand, are not known but are believed to date back to the past. They are very chatty family members that prefer to be a part of their owners’ lives and are involved in everything.

6. Oriental

It is one of the more well-known cats with large ears! The Oriental is elegant. With an elongated, slim body, a glossy coat, and a triangular face with pointed ears, The Oriental is awe-inspiring to anyone who views his stunning appearance.

The breed was created due to people who aspire to different colors of the Siamese to ensure that it has characteristics like his cousins. This makes him very passionate and devoted to you!

7. Sphynx

The Sphynx is one of the unique cats, and we’re not talking about her hairless coat but also her large ears! They are known for their “bat-like” style of appearance.

The adorable kittens are extremely affectionate, and many owners claim that they love to snuggle and report that they crawl in the blanket to sleep with them.

The breed was born due to the cross-breeding of big-eared Rex cat and hairless breeds in the 1970s. Similar to their predecessors, they also have a lovely and affectionate personality.

8. Savannah

Savannah Cats are a mix of domestic cats and the serving (a wild African cat with very large ears – a trait this breed also inherited).

Due to the wild cat that is part of Savannah, breeding traits may differ. Their characteristics can be very different, based on how much serval ancestry they carry.

There’s no better pet than a cat from the Savannah. Savannah Kitten is a breed with it all with the enthusiasm and dedication of a puppy and the independence and vigilance of the top domestic cat.

9. Balinese

The Balinese are a cat breed with large ears and a long triangular-shaped head. It was created as a longer-haired variant of the Siamese The Balinese is similar to the Siamese and has an energetic and lively personality.

The cat is a climber and prefers places high, so you can expect to see your house as a playground and find them on the top of your shelves!

10. Javanese

The Javanese are a branch of the Balinese and are proud of the adorable ears of their counterparts! Because they descend from Siamese, Colourpoint, and the Balinese.

Knowing that they’re not descendants of Java could be interesting. However, the name originates because Java is an island in the same family as Bali and was chosen to pay a symbol of their relationship to the Balinese.


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